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Arrest Affidavit

Arrest Affidavit

The Arrest Affidavit can provide peace of mind to a variety of people with a concerned interest in the details of an arrest. Arrestees will want to obtain this document to ensure accuracy of the arresting officer’s version of the events and any potential inaccuracies which may influence the outcome of their case. Victims will also find great personal value in an Arrest Affidavit for very much the same reason, and to ensure all the facts were represented properly. It may also serve as crucial evidence in potential civil action or lawsuits. Anyone of personal concern to the arrest has the right to remain informed on the case details and may order the Arrest Affidavit, as it is a public record available to anyone with interest in the arrest.

Case Disposition

Case Disposition

If you want to know the outcome and details of a case once it’s gone to court, you will need a Case Disposition. Only available to closed cases, this important document will provide the details on the outcome of the arrest(s) and will also provide the sentencing information.
These documents will tell you if the person was guilty or not guilty, the length of their jail sentence, any probation terms, and also any fines or other punishments. A Case Disposition will detail the following:
• Outcome of the case (guilty, not guilty, nolle pros (charges dismissed or case not pursued)
• Sentencing (if any)
• Requirements of the court (for example, required to take a driving safety course, receive drug counseling, pursue anger management treatment, etc.)
• Fines or charges
• Probation terms


How do I order an Arrest Affidavit or Case Disposition?

We make it very easy. Simply look up the person of interest and find their arrest record. Then click the Get Detailed Information About This Arrest button next to the booking photo. Then select the documents you wish to order and we do all the rest for you!

How long does it take to receive my documents?

It depends on the jurisdiction. Most requests are fulfilled within 30 to 60 days. The Arrest Affidavit and Case Disposition are often obtained from different agencies, so the documents may be delivered individually.

Is my request confidential?

Absolutely. We will not release your request details without a court subpoena.

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