Busted! Crime Maps Announces the Addition of Interactive Maps from Riverside County, California

With Busted! Crime Maps, residents can view and monitor where incidents are occurring in Riverside County.

February 06, 2013

Busted! Grid, the leading innovator in the aggregation of crime information, announces the addition of Riverside County, California to its interactive crime-mapping tool Busted! Crime Maps. The comprehensive database of over 33 million incidents has added over 1,500,000 reports from the Madison Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Denton County Sheriff’s Office, and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

Busted! Crime Maps aids in helping residents stay informed about public safety issues by showing users the type of incidents reported in their neighborhoods. By using the tool, users are able to view and monitor reported incidents in their neighborhood in 17 categories including theft, drugs, sex crimes, and traffic by date and location.

Amid overcrowding in California prisons, the state law referred to as Realignment, AB109, has been initiated to help decrease the prison population by giving out early release dates to inmates with certain offenses. Last year over 6,000 inmates were released early from Riverside jails setting a record. According to the 2012 preliminary FBI Uniform Crime Report, the release of these prisoners have had no significant affect on the crime rates in Riverside.

Currently, Busted! Crime Maps gives residents in 28 states access to detailed reports broken down by city, state, and address. Information on BustedMaps.com is gathered directly from police jurisdictions to ensure accuracy and additions to the database are made daily. To learn more about crime trends in Riverside County or other cities visit BustedMaps.com.

About Busted! Crime Maps
BustedMaps.com is part of the Busted! Grid network, the leading innovator in the aggregation of crime information that empowers citizens to be aware of criminal activity, be informed in their communities and be proactive in the ongoing fight against crime.