The Busted! Grid Announces the Addition of Incidents From Springfield, Ohio to Busted! Crime Maps

Busted! Crime Maps allows residents to be informed about crime trends in their area

December 12, 2012

Busted! Grid, the leading innovator in the aggregation of crime information, announces the addition of Springfield, Ohio to its interactive crime-mapping tool Busted! Crime Maps. The comprehensive database has added over 3,000 incidents from the Springfield Police Department. By using Busted! Crime Maps, residents will be able to better understand public safety issues in their community.

Busted! Crime Maps empowers residents with the ability to monitor crime. The database contains over 19 million incidents in 17 different categories including theft, drugs, sex crimes, and traffic. Users are able to filter results by date and location to identify areas with high incident rates.

Recently, a string of home and car break-ins, in the Edwards Avenue neighborhood of Springfield has prompted residents to take action in preventing more incidents from occurring. Neighbors have come together to start a neighborhood watch group and have even posted signs warning criminals to stop committing crimes. The neighborhood hopes the watch group coupled with a heavier police presence will deter thefts from occurring.

According to the most recent crime data provided by the FBI, the state of Ohio’s violent crime rate is lower than the national rate, but property crime rates are higher. Violent crime decreased 2.3 percent from 2010 to 2011 and property crime increased 2.7 percent.

Busted! Crime Maps provides an easy way for residents to find out where crimes are occurring. Information is gathered directly from police jurisdictions to ensure accuracy and additions to the database are added daily. To learn more about crime trends in Springfield or other cities visit Busted! Crime Maps.

About the Busted! Grid
Busted! Maps is part of the Busted! Grid network, the leading innovator in the aggregation of crime information that empowers citizens to be aware of criminal activity, be informed in their communities and be proactive in the ongoing fight against crime.