Busted! Offenders Adds Sex Offender Registry Information from Baltimore, Maryland

BustedOffenders.com helps families monitor offenders in the community.

May 15, 2013

Busted! Grid, the leading innovator in the aggregation of crime information, announces the addition of sex offender registry from Baltimore, Maryland to the Busted! Offenders database. Over 7,600 registered sex offenders have been added to the database giving parents the ability to monitor people of interest in their community.

According to statistics provided by the FBI Uniform Crime Report, overall crime in Baltimore (except the Towson area) decreased 6.7 from 2011 to 2012. Violent crime fell 11.1 percent and property crime fell 7.9 percent when compared to 5-year averages. Residents wanting to monitor crime, sex offenders and arrests in Baltimore can now subscribe to the B! Informed Advantage™ where they will have access to view over 430,000 sex offenders, over 9 million arrests and over 33 million incidents from across the nation. Users of the service can search, view maps and reports, monitor addresses, receive monthly reports and more.

With the B! Informed Advantage™ subscription, residents in Baltimore can monitor persons of interest by name and address. Users receive detailed information including photos, descriptions of crimes, conviction information, locations, victim age, and more. To find out more about registered sex offenders in Baltimore or any other city, visit BustedOffenders.com.

About Busted! Grid
The Busted! Grid network is the leading innovator in the aggregation of crime information that empowers citizens to be aware of criminal activity, be informed in their communities and be proactive in the ongoing fight against crime.