Busted! Grid Announces Expansion of the Busted! Document Retrieval Service

The expanded service now offers arrestees, victims and concerned parties of interest an easier way to retrieve crucial case documents.

May 30, 2013

Busted! Grid, the premier crime information network, announces the expansion of the Busted! Document Retrieval Service for arrest information found on BustedMugshots.com. Since online public records of arrests only provide limited, summary information that doesn’t tell the whole story, the only way to get all of the details and specifics that led to the arrest or the outcome of a case once it’s gone to court by obtaining the Arrest Affidavit and Case Disposition documents.

In an Arrest Affidavit, the charges fully detail and describe the arresting officers own words. It may also provide detailed eye witness accounts, circumstances involving the cause for arrest, and exposes intimidate details of the arrest situation. It will reveal the arresting officer’s version of the events which led to the arrest and the specific reasons why the individual was charged with a particular crime. This is all vital information for those who want to know the detailed specifics of an arrest. An Arrest Affidavit is a public record available to anyone with interest in the arrest, but it does not provide details of the outcome of the arrest.

If someone wants to know the outcome and details of a case once it’s gone to court, they need a Case Disposition. This document gives detailed information about the outcome of a closed court case including the outcome of the arrest(s) and sentencing information (guilty or not guilty, the length of the jail sentence, any probation terms, and fines or other punishments).

However, these documents are not automatically provided by law enforcement agencies, forcing citizens to seek out the reports on their own, which can be a confusing, time-consuming process. Instead of hiring an expensive legal representative to retrieve these documents, any person with an interest in the case can now obtain them at a fraction of the time and cost.

“Knowing what’s in these reports can completely change your outlook on an arrest case, so you want to make sure you have all the details,” says Kyle Prall, founder of BustedMugshots.com and BustedGrid.com. “It’s the quickest, most cost-effective way to get detailed information surrounding an arrest or court case. We’ve made it so easy even lawyers use Busted! to obtain these documents.”

The service navigates through the complicated court system and obtains the critical Arrest Affidavit and Case Disposition Reports for anyone who wants peace of mind about the details or outcome of a particular case. The process generally takes 30 to 60 days to complete, depending on the backlog at the court or law enforcement agency. Supportive video’s explaining and outlining the benefits of the obtaining these important court documents can be found on the Busted! Grid.

The Busted! Document Retrieval Service offers one more important step in helping make crime awareness an everyday safety practice in peoples lives. The Busted! Grid is helping keep citizens informed by giving B! Informed Advantage™ subscribers the ability to monitor names and addresses, receive sex offender alerts with detailed maps, access police incident reports, allows unlimited crime database searches, monthly email reports and more. With over 42 million crime records in the Busted! database, citizens can use the website to stay informed about crimes in their community.

About Busted! Grid
The Busted! Grid network is the leading innovator in the aggregation of crime information that empowers citizens to be aware of criminal activity, be informed in their communities and be proactive in the ongoing fight against crime.