BustedMugshots.com Reviews Crime Statistics for Cleveland, Ohio

The latest BustedMugshots.com report details recent statistics relating to property and violent crime in Cleveland.

February 11, 2013

Busted! Mugshots, part of the Busted! Grid network, reviews the latest crime statistics by the FBI to help Cleveland residents understand crime trends. Compiled from the most recent data from the Uniform Crime Report, these numbers provide an overview of national and local crime trends.

For the past few years, Cleveland has been on the Most Dangerous Cities in America list. According to recent FBI data, Busted! Mugshots has found the 2011 crime rate in Cleveland has decreased in violent crime and increased in property crime. The area with the highest rates of both violent and property crime were reported in the Cleveland Heights neighborhood. Crime has increased in that area since 2009.

Property Crime
Nationally, property crime has dropped since 2003. However in Cleveland, property crime has increased by 8% with the largest increase occurring in the motor vehicle theft category with 16.8%. Although, motor vehicle thefts increased, nationally they decreased in 2011 when compared to 2010 data.

Burglaries increase 8.6%
Thefts increase 4.4%
Auto Thefts increase 16.8%

Violent Crime
Violent crime in Cleveland has decreased by 6.8%, with the biggest drop in the homicide category with 8.6%. The city’s violent crime rate has followed the national trend of decline since 2007. Some of the drop in crime can be attributed to the decrease in population over the last few years.

Homicides decrease 8.6%
Rape increase 3.8%
Robberies decrease 0.8%
Aggravated Assaults decrease 4.2%

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