Busted! Offenders Adds Saint Louis County, Missouri to Comprehensive Online Database

By using Busted! Offenders residents can easily search for registered offenders by name or location

December 11, 2012

Busted! Grid, the leading innovator in the aggregation of crime information, announces the addition of registered sex offenders from Saint Louis County to the Busted! Offenders database. With the growing number of reported child sex crimes, parents are looking for ways to monitor people who come in contact with their children. Busted! Offenders is a tool that enables parents to keep their family safe by being aware of registered sex offenders living and working nearby.

With the addition of over 1,200 offenders from Saint Louis County, residents can use Busted! Offenders to monitor and locate sex offenders in the community. Information in the database is collected directly from police jurisdictions with additions made daily. By using the tool, residents have access to photos, descriptions of crimes, conviction information, and more.

In many of the child abuse cases that occur in Saint Louis County, victims claim to know their abuser in some capacity. By using Busted! Offenders, parents can be aware of sexual predators who come in contact with their children by being able to monitor addresses and search for offenders by name. Users who subscribe to Busted! Offenders have access to unlimited searching, viewing of maps, reports, and an address monitoring service.

The Busted! Offenders database contains over 400,000 registered sex offenders from police jurisdictions across the country. To find out more about registered sex offenders in Saint Louis County or any other city, visit BustedOffenders.com

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