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Monitor Addresses and People

shutterstock_11316982-001Studies have shown that the victims of a variety of crimes know the offender in some capacity, but there is no way to predict how someone will act in the future.

Our unparalleled monitoring resource lets B! Informed Advantage™ subscribers create name-based email alerts and monthly reports to be informed the second arrest information becomes available. Monitor the names of anyone close to you and your family such as teachers, coaches, friends, roommates, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances, etc. The service monitors by first name, last name, state, and date of birth.

Subscribers can also monitor any addresses of concern or interest.

You can monitor homes, schools, kids daycare, churches, playgrounds, malls, places of employment, friends homes, relatives homes, etc. If there is any Sex Offender activity (moving in, moving out), you can receive email alerts and monthly reports as soon as the registry information becomes available. Subscribers will also receive monthly Crime Incident reports for the addresses they are monitoring and email alerts when new incidents are reported.

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B! Informed Advantage™ Services

Unlimited Searching

Subscribers to the B! Informed Advantage™ have unlimited access to over 40 MILLION arrest records, crime incidents and sex offender registry information from jurisdictions all across the U.S.

Monitor Addresses and People

Our unparalleled monitoring resource lets B! Informed Advantage™ subscribers create name-based alerts and receive email alerts and monthly reports immediately as arrest information becomes available.

Sex Offender Alerts and Mapping

Subscribers to B! Informed Advantage™ have an added level of safety with ability to monitor addresses and receive email alerts, and monthly reports of sex offenders living nearby or around addresses of concern.

Personalized Dashboard

Control the information you would like to view and receive. As a B! Informed Advantage™ subscriber you can manage your monitoring lists, view relevant crime news and statistics, and search the Busted! database for any locations or persons of interest.

Monthly Email Reports

The B! Informed Advantage™ monthly email report will review people being monitored for arrest, addresses being monitored for Registered Sex Offender activity, and updates of local crime incidents for the month.

Unlimited Access to Incident Maps

See crime in a whole new way. B! Informed Advantage™ lets you search your neighborhood from our database of over 33 million police incidents and 17 searchable categories including theft, violence, criminal, drug, accidents, injury, and domestic.

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