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Join B! Informed Advantage™ today for Unlimited Access, Monitoring & Alerts, and Monthly Reports.
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Start protecting your family & loved ones today. Choose the B! Informed Advantage™ plan that fits your needs.

1 Month

$19.95 per month (billed upfront)

3 Month

$15.95 per month (billed upfront)

6 Month

$12.95 per month (billed upfront)


Enjoy Unlimited Access, Cancel Your Renewal Anytime!

For your convenience, and to ensure uninterrupted access, alerts and monitoring, your plan will be automatically renewed at the locked in rate and same term until you cancel.

If you cancel, you’ll enjoy unlimited access until the end of your then-current plan term agreement; your subscription will not be renewed after that term expires. All charges are non-refundable.

You can cancel your renewal anytime by going to “My Account” and following the online instructions or by calling 1-800-849-2878, 9am – 5pm EST (Mon-Fri). Your subscription will be automatically renewed to the same term until you cancel.
Questions about the Pricing?

Why does Busted! charge my account the entire subscription plan upfront? Simple. To provide you with the best price possible! Credit card companies charge a significant fee each time a charge is processed. For example, if we charged the credit card account six individual times for the six month subscription, the rate would have to be greatly increased to account for the additional bank processing fees, so we pass the savings on to you with upfront billing!

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